One Week To Go

We are leaving in a week! It`s all I think about these days. My boyfriend and I are so exited. This is his first time in New York, and my third. I am so exited to travel with him, both because I am head over hells in love with the guy, but also because New York is my true love, and being in the city with him is going to be amazing. We can’t stop talking about it, everything we want to do in the city. We are so in sync with everything! We have the same love for US and traveling, so I just know this is going to be a great trip.


From my last trip to New York, 2010.


Our plan so far:

We are staying in an apartment in Brooklyn for the first seven nights. We booked thru Airbnb, and so far it seems great. They have great reviews so we are positive. I asked my man to write me a list on whatever he wanted to do and that I would make a plan on everything we want to do, with lists of everything for everyday. This way we can do as much as possible. We want to do as much as possible of the “regular” things, but also just the walking around and looking around at the people and just the life of the city.

Then, we are actually renting a car, and going on a road trip! I have never driven a car outside Norway before, but luckily my man has, so he is definitely the one that’s going drive the car from Manhattan to upstate New York before I can take over on the more simple roads. We are going towards Niagara Falls, and making the whole trip just a chill and ”whatever happens” sort of trip. We have a few things we want to do, like Six Flags and just stay at a random motel, just like in the movies!

When we return to the city we want to go out with a bang, on a Manhattan Hotel on our last nights in the city.

I am so exited about this trip, and so exited that I can go back to New York with this guy that I am sort of crazy about. <3



On My Way

Hello again world. I am back! You might have read my blog in the past, and after a few years break I am back. I decided to go back to blogging after I booked tickets for my third trip to New York.

I am going in a few weeks, and I hope the idea of me being in New York very, very soon, my creativity will be raging thru my vanes very, very soon.

My blog will be mostly about travels and photography/film. I have gotten into short films the last year, and have lots of ideas I want to put to life. And Youtube and my own blog is the perfect start for such an adventure.

I am very exited to be “back” in this blogging world, and I hope you will follow me on all of my adventures, big and small.